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Who We Are

We are artists, filmmakers, musicians and more.

The Artistic Ambitions movement was founded at Stony Brook University in 2017. In its developing phase, this movement served as a platform for performing artist such as myself to showcase their talent at a variety of events at Stony Brook University, in collaboration with other student groups. As the founder and lead artist I, Amen Arthur, have set it as my goal to include all who have a deep appreciation for the arts to be a part of this movement. Artistic Ambitions LLC seeks to foster an environment of collaboration between Filmmakers, Artist and Musicians. In the months that follow, for the summer of 2018, Artistic Ambitions will continue to grow and form an interwoven community of likeminded Individuals. Feel free to be a part of this movement by checking out the linked social media platforms, music and artist stories. If you are a business looking to work with us just fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you promptly. Thanks for stopping by!

Our Team

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Music was my passion before I even realized it. Once I did, things changed for the better. I placed my pen outside of the margin and realized I could reach others the same way I reached myself. Artistic Ambitions has become a collaborative effort that I couldn't be more proud of. Stay tuned because this is happening.

Amen Arthur Artist, CEO, Founder
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My name is Ralph Fontaine. I am a Senior Counsel member of Artistic Ambitions and Co-founder of Adrisel Record Label. I attended Stony Brook University majoring in Business Management specializing in Finance. I love music and wish to give voice and a platform for artist who need it and help them grow along their journey.

Ralph Fontaine Senior Counsel, Adrisel Liaision
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New Breed is a music group built from the hunger of two Stony Brook College students chasing a legacy. A legacy that entails minimizing the comparisons and maximizing the differences. That is why we call ourselves "New Breed", we are a New Breed of individuals in the music industry who strive to be different.

New Breed Performing Artists

What We Do

Entertainment from start to finish.

Live Performance

Artistic Ambitions is already at your disposal. Whether it be an upscale venue or a private House party, we will cater to your requirements and exceed your expectations. We will work with your event planners and coordinators to optimize the space available so that everyone has a great time. Our live performers specialize in a variety of genres and can bring the energy to your party that you desire. Before and after we take the stage our on-call DJ will make sure the air remains lively. Event Photographers and auxiliary staff remain at your disposal upon request.

Commercial Production

Need an anthem or theme song for promotional use? We are willing to work with small and large enterprise, both non-profit and commercial to build music to meet your specific needs.


Artist Gallery

New Breed

Stony Brook Roth Regatta


Stony Brook Wolfstock

Stony Brook Wolfstock

Amen Arthur & Matt Nation

Stony Brook Wolfstock

First Night Out

Stony Brook Univserity

Aamen Arthur

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